Why is the SopranoICE by Alma lasers superior?

At Custom Lash Lounge, we are passionate when it comes to giving our clients the best of the best. So when we began researching different brands, companies, and lasers, we realized there was a lot more we needed to know than just the basics of laser hair removal.  We did a lot of reading over the course of six months while attending different beauty expos, seminars, and talking with countless members of laser hair removal companies. Since buying a laser hair removal machine is no joke and will cost you pretty much a second mortgage, we really needed to know what we wanted, as well as what we were talking about and make sure the RESULTS were REAL when testing different machines. 

Now we are certainly not here to knock anyone’s brand, company, or business. All we can share with you is our experience and the knowledge we have obtained over the years in terms of hair removal.

When one laser machine is WORLD renowned for its seven years of clinical real results, let’s just say we were very intrigued and excited, to say the least.

The Beginning Of Our Laser Hair Removal Journey

Back in 2003, Custom Lash Lounge started its journey in laser hair removal. At the time, the “Intense Plug Light” machine was in high demand. The laser tech operating the “IPL” (light-activated laser hair removal) said it would take about 16 treatments, 6 weeks apart and about 300 bucks a session.

Let us just give you some insight. When we tried out this treatment, it was so painful that we needed to wear a numbing cream for a minimum of one hour before the treatment began and that only helped a small amount as there was still definite crying after the appointment was completed.

At the end of the day, however, we had the thought, “If this treatment can get rid of these thick, gross Italian hair and ingrown hairs for good, it will be so worth it!” While the results were okay, doing a great job of eliminating ingrown hairs, it wasn’t everything we had originally hoped for.

Advancements In Laser Hair Removal

Fast forward to 2016, when Custom Lash Lounge began to expand further as we wanted to do more than just provide our clients with amazing eyelash extensions. Believe us, we know what it is like to do look down at your legs and say “OMG, I need to shave AGAIN!!!” This is precisely what happened to cause us to look into a service we could offer that would take care of this so-common problem. Thus began the hunt to find the best laser hair removal treatment.


It only took one treatment from the SopranoICE and we were hooked. The initial appeal of this product was that the machine claimed to be “PAIN-FREE.” Since we were very familiar with waxing and painful IPL laser, the thought of a pain-free procedure was quite appealing! And the best part? IT TRULY WAS PAIN-FREE LASER HAIR REMOVAL! Results occurred after just one treatment and shaving wasn’t required for about three weeks. Once the hair did start to come in, it was even possible to pull the hairs out one by one by hand! It was CRAZY!!

In simple terms, The SopranoICE by Alma lasers is a gold standard 810nm heat in motion technology. This laser uses heat to destroy the follicles, killing the blood supply so hair cannot grow back. Since it heats at 810nm the laser can go even deeper into the dermis (skin) to destroy even more follicles, unlike the IPL that uses light and goes about half way. As the handpiece is warming up, the skin will feel the heat and this is where the smart technology of the handpiece starts to cool down the skin turning the glass that the laser emits from into ICE, literally!! Thus making this laser hair removal method virtually pain free.

Lastly, it’s important to realize that some of the machines available on the market today contain so many different features, such as treating skin conditions, tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation etc. These different features will, however, take away from the actual hair removal feature and lessens the intensity of the laser wavelength! What a rip off! 

Our Treatments Will Save You Money

Since Custom Lash Lounge is run from a home, we are able to cut all the costs that you would normally have to pay at a doctor’s office. In a commercial setting, the doctors would not be doing your treatments, but instead, a tech does them. This is exactly what we offer. Personalized care without the extra cost. What does this mean?  Custom Lash Lounge can save you LOADS OF MONEY. Probably 25 to 50 percent to be exact.

Our staff has gone through rigorous training and we continue to upgrade our education every chance we get to make sure you get the safest and most effective treatment your money can buy. Since this is all that we do, we can confidently say we are masters of our trade.

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The SopranoIce by Alma Lasers is a miraculous machine not only is it pain-free but we can treat way more patients. Tanned skin, dark and light skin tones with many different ranges and settings for each individual patient and visit. Still, don’t take our word for it? Come in and try a treatment, you won’t be sorry!

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